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Pillar, Foundation

Oslop means 'Pillar' in Hungarian. 
An Upright element of a superstructure, used as a core support and foundation, as well as ornament and monument.

Oslop is a name and it's a vision. To establish the rock-solid core (visual) foundation for brands and companies that will ensure strength and support growth.


Why we do

We want beautiful ‘first impressions’ to last for a lifetime. We are die-hard believers that where ‘beautiful’ meets ‘meaningful’ is the core foundation for the most effective creatives and powerful brands.


That’s why we combine strategy, design and communication. In everywhere we do. 

How we think

“Design without strategy is just something nice to look at.”

That’s why our ethos is to put strategy to the core of design. This makes our work solves real problems, target the right audience, connect to company purpose, and brings future-proof synergy into your teams and future communication.

What we seek

Oslop Studio is a strategy & design firm — crafting modern brands & powerful communication, via collaboration and forward-thinking vision.


We seek real partnerships with modern brands and people to build 360 visual communication and design solution trough a lens of strategy. 

Who we aim

We make every brand and design piece so unique that a viewer’s automatic subconscious reaction is to ‘bookmark’ it in their mind. Our aim is to distinguish our partners in the field of branding and design by setting the quality standards unreachable for the competition. 

Where we act

Our holistic approach covers the spectrum of visual communication and marketing from A to Z. From the most meaningful digital design representation for example branding, websites, apps, social media, brand book (and a lot more) to the physical details as POS, packaging, merchandise, stationary, marketing assets.

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