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  2023                                       Beauty, Fashion                      Strategy, Branding & Product Design

The new brand identity relies on a never-ending sophistication of its Norwegian heritage. 

Bruta is a cutting-edge beauty and hair brand that creates unique products and accessories for the fashion industry's top influencers and ambassadors. With a heritage that dates back to the retro era of 2001, Bruta brings back the feeling of classic elegance to the modern world. 

“You know you made it in the hair-care world if you use Bruta” - Trevor Cavan, Hair Stylist


With our strategic positioning and rebranding, we aimed to capture the essence of Bruta's heritage while infusing it with a fresh and contemporary style that appeals to the brand's target audience. Through the retro dark style, we created a unique and iconic visual identity that embodies the brand's values of innovation, quality, and  never-ending sophistication.


This project and branding was awarded the 'Best Packaging Designs of 2023' by DesignRush

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