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Cone & Torus

   YEAR                                                                   INDUSTRY                                                           SERVICE

  2023                                       Finance                                   Strategy, Branding, Art Direction

Learning the ins and outs of the financial world has never been this easy. 

Cone & Torus is an innovative new application and online platform for financial education. Our strategy has a clear mission: to demystify finance and make it accessible to everyone.

With a focus on making finance easy enough for even a 3-year-old to understand, Cone & Torus offers a unique and engaging approach to financial education.The core foundation of the branding behind Cone & Torus is to bring back the games from our toddler age and have a strong Déjà vu.

“Schools tend to skip the education about the basis of the financial world. I mean, no-one taught me how to do my taxes. But you can learn literally anything in this world. It’s not about what you learn, but how you learn it”. — Mark Preston, Course Manager


Overall, Cone & Torus represents a bold and innovative approach to financial education, combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to accessibility and user-friendly design. If you're interested in the world of finance and want to learn more, Cone & Torus is the perfect place to start.

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