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   YEAR                                                                   INDUSTRY                                                           SERVICE

  2023                                      Consultancy                            Strategy, Branding

Branding meets real-life personality

When we first met the Hatch team it became clear: we need to infuse these awesome guys personality into the branding. This is how we 'Hatched' the brand design. 

A serious and powerful design system infused with the funky / doodle-y style of their creative and  experience-focused owners. 

The result is a very flexible and easy-to use branding that can simply adjust to each project or workshop they have.

Do you find this sexy?

Oslop Studio is a strategy & design firm — crafting modern brands & powerful communication, via collaboration and forward-thinking vision.


We seek real partnerships to build 360 design solution trough a lens of strategy. Excited? Let’s collaborate!

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