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Pierre Janvier

   YEAR                                                                   INDUSTRY                                                           SERVICE

  2023                                       Architecture                           Strategy, Rebranding & Stationary

Strategic positioning and brand design: French elegance through a modern lens. 

Oslop Studio was tasked with creating a strategic brand positioning and branding for a high-end French architecture house named after its founder, Pierre Janvier. We approached the project by highlighting the French elegance and historical values to translate the into Pierre’s brand vision and purpose.

The resulting branding and design strategy is a modern and sophisticated visual identity that positions Pierre Janvier's architecture firm as a leader in the industry.


The use of clean and neat lines and simple typography reflects the company's commitment to modern design, while the incorporation of traditional French architectural elements acknowledges the company's roots.

Do you find this sexy?

Oslop Studio is a strategy & design firm — crafting modern brands & powerful communication, via collaboration and forward-thinking vision.


We seek real partnerships to build 360 design solution trough a lens of strategy. Excited? Let’s collaborate!

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