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  2023                                       Furniture & Lifestyle               Strategy, Branding & Webdesign

Berliner deco-store with minimalistic design and unique features.

The WohnOrt project encapsulates a strategic positioning and branding for a German high-end furniture store. The main objective was to give the brand and website a luxury magazine look and feel while focusing on the store's uniqueness and top-notch quality.

The branding and art direction is modern, sleek, and elegant, with a focus on showcasing the store's exquisite furniture collection. The site's layout is designed to emulate the experience of browsing a luxury home decor magazine in a haven’t-seen-it-before way.

“With the new WohnOrt branding we wanted to make sure that we don’t follow the path that our competitors walk on. This doesn’t mean we take shortcuts, but means that we find our own unique path.” — Suzanne Engel, Designer

The branding of the store is centred around the concept of a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. Oslop Studio positioned WohnOrt close to its commitment: to quality and uniqueness.

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